What you keep… and What to pack?

Mixed Media Painting by Sue Pelletier

This past weekend I was invited to perform at the Art Is…You art retreat in Stamford, CT. Sue Pelletier, my wildly talented neighbor and friend, taught her mixed media “sweater sculptures” class. Sue is the artist who created the work for the CD cover for What You Keep. Sadly, I was only prepared to share my songs – I was unable to take any of the classes. This time.

The theme of the gathering where I performed was “being brave,” and I got to play my song Way To Be Brave for an audience who really got it. It was so inspiring to see so many women (and a few men!) “playing” bravely and exploring themselves through artwork. Can’t wait for next year!

This weekend I am hitting the road and heading to Florida for shows in the Tampa and Miami areas. Please check the “Tour” page for details. Excited and a bit nervous. Like riding a bike, I hope – the whole travel-play-travel-and-play-some-more thing…

Hope to see you out there soon,