If A Tree Falls and You Don’t Hear it…

Just because you haven’t heard much from me, doesn’t mean I’m not making any noise! I’m like that tree, somewhere deep in the forest….

Some things I’ve been up to (since you dropped by, thought you might like to know):

Recording with young songwriters – a couple of my students are recording their debut EP’s with me. So much fun, such energy, fresh voices, fresh perspectives. Good to hear.

Working on various songs – a new tribute album (recording a cool version of a lesser-known song by a classic band – more soon); basics for some of my unrecorded songs; collaborating with other writers and producers on occasion.

And this weekend, I’ll be playing a benefit in New Jersey that a dear friend of mine is organizing.

But mostly, I’m enjoying home life with my family, hanging in our newly renovated barn (and studio!) and watching as time whizzes by.

Wait a minute, what’s that crashing sound?

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