Private Instruction and Recording/Production
Half-hour $30
Hour $60
Booking and inquiries: Johnny Brock Management 617-957-1600

3 thoughts on “Booking

  1. So glad you performing again. I followed your career before And maybe just after one of your babies. The last time I heard you sing was in a coffee house cafe in a church in Winchester, I think.. I am sorry to,hear about the complications with your hearing, and will hope with you for a successful resolution. Meanwhile I look forward to catching one of your shows. Keep on keeping on brave woman and music maker!


  2. Would love to open for you sometime if you are on tour in the the west–California, Washington, Oregon. I love your song “Notion” and many others–Blessings! Jenn

  3. Thanks, Jenn, Would love to come out there again – been more than a decade!! I appreciate it. Send a link to your music!

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